Education & Training (E&T) Group

Role of the E&T Group

The group’s role is to support and coordinate educational initiatives of ESBB members so that the objectives of ESBB on “exchange, enhancement and dissemination of knowledge in the field of biobanking” are met. Supporting those activities might involve the organization of discussion groups on specific topics related to education and training, the setting up of working groups to address specific topics in education and produce material for educational purposes/promotion. Any ESBB member is welcome to join this group to take part in its coordination or to participate in a specific discussion.


  • Srikanth Adiga, OpenSpecimen, India
  • Elena Bravo, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, Italy
  • Daima Bukini, National Biobank, South Africa
  • Jeanne-Hélène Di Donato, 3C-R Club, France
  • Hans-Peter Deigner, Furtwangen University, Germany
  • Bongi Duma, NHLS National Human Tissue Biobank, South Africa
  • Berthold Huppertz, Biobank Graz, Austria
  • Rita Lawlor, University of Verona, Italy
  • Maimuna Mendy, IARC, Lyon, France
  • Manuel Morente, Spanish National Hospital-based Biobanks Network, Madrid, Spain
  • Ahmed Samir, National Cancer Institut, Cairo, Egypt
  • Karine Sargsyan, Biobank Graz, Austria
  • Emma Snapes, Irish Center for Fetal and Neonatal Translational Research, Cork, Ireland

Marketing Plan

The group is working to produce an online catalogue of all the educational programs, materials and other educational activities produced by ESBB members.

Construction of the catalogue is progressing well and it is expected to be online by June 2017.

Proposed Activities

  • Constitution of a catalogue of existing E&T programs, materials and other E&T activities by ESBB members;
  • Produce a library of relevant E&T material available internationally;
  • Offer endorsement for short courses and training activities within the ESBB community;
  • Disseminate training information and materials to ESBB members;
  • Support ESBB members in the development of their E&T material;
  • Translate specific E&T material into the main languages at the request of ESBB members to extend the utility of these resources to other countries