ESBBtranslate Working Group (for industry-academia collaboration)

Role of ESBBtranslate

To bring together ESBB members and pharma/ biotech industry representatives in order to identify, elaborate and launch common research projects. Example include:


  • Ronny Baber
  • Anna Bosch-Comas
  • Elena Bravo
  • Ann Cooreman
  • Julie Corfield
  • Araceli Diezfraile
  • Gabriela Eckerland
  • Annikam Fischer
  • Eoin Gaffney
  • Isabel Gil Aldea
  • Kirstin Goldring
  • Oliver Gros
  • Jens Habermann
  • Peter Hesse
  • Robert Hewitt
  • Stefan Holdenrieder
  • Berthold Huppertz
  • Dagmar Kerkau
  • Peadar MacGabhann
  • Marc Mc Loughlin
  • Annika Mueller
  • Martina Oberlaender
  • Nasrin Perskist
  • Nadia Piga
  • Zdenka Prodanovic
  • Arndt Schmitz
  • Christina Schroeder
  • Elke Smits
  • Emma Snapes
  • Reinhard Thasler
  • Heather Thorne
  • Zsolt Torok
  • Gunnel Tybring
  • Ymke van der Geld
  • Fj Van Kemenade
  • Michiel Verlinden
  • Vincent Walke-Wulffen
  • Kai Wiermer


Biobank Directory Project: Collaborating Biobanks

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ESBBtranslate is collaborating with on the Biobank Directory Project. Links to are as follows:


Dr Christina Schroeder's message

2nd June, 2016

Dear ESBBtranslate members,

This is my fourth year chairing our working group – time to hand the chair over to a younger successor and to reflect on our work! So it is my great pleasure to announce that ESBB Council has appointed Dr. Balwir (Bal) Matharoo-Ball, Nottingham, as new chair of ESBBtranslate in the Council conference on April 28, 2016. Nottingham being an outstanding biobank and runner of our first RBYC, I am sure that I need not introduce Bal to you since you will know her anyway. I am more than happy with the Council’s decision and would like to congratulate Bal and wish her and ESBBtranslate all the very best!

Please can I review our work a little bit: We have jointly started out 2012 in Granada with Gunnel Tybring’s and Ymke van der Geld’s magnificent idea of launching a “Biobank of the Year” contest, and enjoyed the most successful manifestation of this idea as ESBB’s first Research Biobank of the Year Competition (RBYC) in Verona 2013[1]. Meanwhile we have experienced that the biobanking community is (still) too limited to require and sustain annual RBYC terms, and that the RBYC is one of those ESBB concepts which BBMRI are also interested in. Hence I am really happy that we have obviously been able to develop a tool for the entire European biobanking community to demonstrate their strengths and assets. Many thanks to all of you who volunteered in setting the RBYC up, and special thanks to Hans-Peter and Robert for safeguarding it as an ESBB label in 2015.

During our meeting in Leipzig in 2014, we discussed once again how ESBB could help industry-oriented biobanks best to simply and efficiently showcase their services and resources, and optimize them for collaboration with industry? Subsequently, Arndt Schmitz, Ann Cooreman and Annika Fischer have sat down to list the biobank features most relevant for research in pharma and biotech industry, and come up with the Questionnaire “What is in your biobank?” shortly afterwards. As you will know, it is to collect information about biobanks that has – although most relevant for industry – not yet been (and probably will not be) surveyed by the existing public biobank catalogues and registries. With support from Robert and six ESBB member biobanks, my group with Fraunhofer has volunteered in summer 2015 to demonstrate over a small web tool, how the said information could be made available as a biobank locator catering to industry – the ESBB Biobank Directory – link to ‘Demonstrator‘. In October, we have offered a proposal on how to implement and seamlessly integrate it into the evolving puzzle of the global biobank information environment, and ESBB is currently raising funds to start implementation. Hence ESBBtranslate will continue to provide the forum for the most advanced biobanks to further develop their showcase – and who could guide such a discussion better than Bal?!!




Dr Christina Schroeder

Potsdam, Germany



[1] Schröder C. et al., BIOPRESERVATION AND BIOBANKING Volume 12, 154 – 160 (2014)