ESBBperanto Working Group

Role of ESBBperanto

The ESBBperanto Working Group is dedicated to harmonising definitions and languages in biobank databases to enable comparability of biomaterials and data across different biobanks and countries.

Enabling the shared use of biological samples and data is an objective pivotal to future biobanking. To this end a harmonized terminology for the description of samples and a common framework of data items and attributes is of fundamental importance. Currently several initiatives, driven by different interests and focused on particular domains in biobanking, are under way. However these activities are poorly concerted and often strictly focused on their respective research domain and – to some extent – regional specifics. The ESBB, standing for biorepositories and biobanks in general and aspiring for a common understanding in the biobank field should thus attempt to coordinate and integrate with existing activities. The ESBBperanto working group should therefore strive for an intensive exchange with these initiatives and substantially contribute by merging and harmonizing different perspectives. Hence ESBB members already active in initiatives focusing on ESBBperanto issues are welcome to contribute and exchange ideas.

For more information please see the ESBBperanto manifesto.



  • Seeking new members as of 25.03.2017