Enviro-Bio Working Group (EBWG)

Role of the EBWG

To encourage global collaboration and networking on the biobanking of all animal, plant, microbe and environmental samples for biodiversity conservation and biotechnology development, to the benefit of society. Areas of special interest to the group include:

  • Optimal preservation methods per species and tissue-type
  • Best-use / multiple-use of samples
  • Ethics & best-practices
  • Optimal field collection methods per species and tissue-type
  • QA/QC
  • Business models
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Indigenous Knowledge Rights
  • Legislation, regulations and permit systems
  • International conventions and agreements
  • Common database
  • Collaboration with regional and global biodiversity and environmental initiatives



  • Jonas Astrin
  • Paul Bartels
  • Dominik Lermen
  • Jackie Mackenzie-Dodds

What's New?

Upcoming meetings:

  • EBWG meeting at Global Biobank Week with ISBER and BBMRI-ERIC, Stockholm, Sweden 13 – 15th September 2017.
  • EBWG meeting at ISBER Annual Conference, Toronto, Canada, May 9th – 12th 2017.
  • SPNHC (Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections) Annual Conference at Denver Museum of Nature and Science and Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver Colorado, USA, June 18th – 24th 2017.

GGBN collaborations:

  • GGBN Conference in Vienna, Austria, May 21-25 2018 hosted by the Austrian Institute of Technology.
  • GGBN Workshops in 2017
    • GGBN North American Workshop, April 11-13, 2017 Washington D.C., hosted by the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution
    • GGBN Asia Workshop, July 21-22 2017, Shenzhen China, hosted by Beijing Genomics Institute, China National Genebank
    • GGBN Africa Workshop, November 2017, Kruger National Park (tbc).

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Current Activities

  • Enviro-Bio contribution to ISBER Best Practices
  • ‘Dropbox’ site resource and Document Library development with GGBN
  • Raising awareness and outreach
  • Develop workshop content material / Present workshops/Training Courses e.g. Establishing and Building a Biodiversity Biobank, BEDO Thailand 2015
  • Published articles
    • Conference Outputs and Reviews
      • Interdisciplinary ‘Life in Data’ Interactive Session (‘How To’) Open Access paper published in BIO Feb 2016.
      • Towards Harmonisation of Biodiversity Biobanks including Survey (in progress).
    • Original Papers and Collaboration with independent Special Interest Groups, e.g. Tissue Preservation Study Group.
  • EB Biobank Location Survey to include:
    • Veterinary Biobanks
    • Environmental Specimen Banks
  • ESBB-ISBER Collaboration (mechanisms for Joint EBWG and collaboration with other ISBER WGs)
  • ESBB Projects
    • Research Biobank of the Year Competition (RBYC) for EB and Emerging Countries.
    • ESBB WG collaborations (ESBB translate and ESBBperanto).