Africa Working Group (AWG)

Role of the AWG

To address the particular challenges and opportunities of biobanking in Africa.

One initiative of this working group is to offer free membership of ESBB for 2017 (worth 285 Euro) to all non-profit African organisations involved in biobanking, in return for completion of a 35 question survey. This offer in line with ESBB’s mission to advance the field of biobanking across Africa. The survey can be found at:


  • Daima Bukini
  • Kate Enright
  • Michael Igbe
  • Mukthar Kader
  • Tomas Klingström
  • Laura Kuijpers
  • Samuel Kyobe
  • Brett Lowe
  • Alice Matimba
  • Maimuna Mendy
  • Merhan Fouda
  • Sadik Ngoa
  • Ahmed Samir
  • Micheline Sanderson
  • Cassandre Soo
  • Carmen Swanepoel
  • Garth Swartz
  • Misaki Wayengera


Documents produced by the Africa Working Group can be found in the members-only section.
These include the Africa Working Group Manifesto.

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