Membership Benefits

Individual Membership

Annual Fees

The standard annual membership fee is €135, with a discounted fee of €100 for ISBER members, €71 for students, and €51 for LMIC countries.

Membership Benefits

  1. Membership of an interactive community of biobanking professionals across the EMEA region, that values sharing, inclusiveness, teamwork, democracy and recognition. The community is strengthened by annual or more frequent face-to-face meetings where members get to know each other and develop friendships and collaborations.
  2. Substantial discounts on ESBB meeting registration fees.
  3. Full access to ESBB Members Website.
  4. Eligibility to join ESBB programme committee which provides the opportunity to plan events at the ESBB annual meetings.
  5. Eligibility to form and to join ESBB working groups and special interest groups, which provide the opportunity to develop one’s own knowledge, to find solutions to common problems and to produce reports and publications that will help advance the biobanking field.
  6. Eligibility to run for office is ESBB elections of President, Treasurer and Executive Committee Members.
  7. Eligibility to vote in ESBB elections.

Biobank/Non-Profit Membership

Biobank/Non-Profit Membership is available to the following types of organisation:

  • Biobanks
  • Academic Institutions
  • Patient Organisations

Annual Fees

For Biobanks and Academic Institutions the annual fee is €285 and this allows for 2 people as delegates the organisation, with a €50 fee for each additional delegate up to a maximum of 6. There is a 60% reduction of fees for biobanks and academic institutions in LMIC countries.

For Patient Organisations the annual fee is €108 and this allows for 2 people as delegates the organisation, with a €20 fee for each additional delegate up to a maximum of 6.

Membership Benefits

Each delegate of the organisation (Biobank, Academic Institution, or Patient Organisation) has all the benefits of Individual Membership of the society (see section above). In addition the organisation has the following benefits:

  1. All employees of the organisation are entitled to a discount on ESBB meeting registration fees (however, only delegates are allowed the other benefits of individual membership).
  2. Listing of the organisation on the public section of the ESBB website (optional).
  3. Eligibility to participate in ESBB consortia for project and programme grant applications.
  4. Eligibility to use the ESBB logo shown below on the website and printed materials of the organisation.


To join ESBB for the first time, please submit one of the following membership application forms:

If you have any questions, please just send an email to

Hand writing inscription "Join Us" with marker, concept

Company Membership Benefits

Company membership is available to the following types of organisation:

  • Vendor companies marketing products to biobanks
  • Biotechnology companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Diagnostics companies

Annual Fees

The annual fee depends on the size of the organisation. For a small company (<11 employees) the fee is €290, for a medium size company (11 – 50 employees) the fee is €560, and for a large company (>50 employees) it is €1020. The  size of the organisation determines the number of delegates: 2 delegates for a small company, 4 delegates for a medium size company, and 6 delegates for a large company.

Membership Benefits

Each delegate has all the benefits of Individual Membership of the society. In addition, the organisation has the following benefits:

  1. Access to the biobanking expertise of the ESBB membership and also access to potential customers in the ESBB membership.
  2. Substantial discount on exhibitor booth fee and sponsorship fees at ESBB annual conferences (500 Euros in 2017).
  3. Eligibility to advertise company details in the Vendors section of the ESBB website.
  4. Eligibility to use the ESBB logo shown below on the company website and printed materials.
  5. Eligibility to host corporate workshops at ESBB meetings.
  6. Eligibility to participate as a member of the ESBBtranslate working group, which brings together biobankers and Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industry representatives in order to identify, elaborate and launch common research projects.
  7. Opportunity to represent the interests of vendor organisations on the ESBB Vendor Committee.
  8. Proposed future benefits to be determined by discussion between Executive and Vendor Committees, ensuring a harmonious balance between the needs of all member groups.

Payment Options

(1) Credit card payment

(2) Bank transfer / Wire transfer