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Summary of Masters Student Webinar, 28.09.2017 - Video now available!

Topic: Internship reports from 6 top Masters students

The presenters included:

  • Mehdi Kara-Borni (Nice): Overview of the Imagene project and implementation of mirror and secure collections
  • Etienne Dougy (Nice): Theory and Practice of a British Biobank
  • Ghyslaine Gatsinzi (Lyon): Quality Management: How to face biobanking issues and sustain a Biological Resource Center
  • Lisa Seiller (Lyon): How to respond to the challenges of setting up a sustainable biobank. Example through Perinat Collection
  • Laura Dietrich (Graz): Sample Collection and Management – heterogeneity of soil and how to overcome it through homogenization methods
  • Svetlana Gramatiuk (Graz): Ukraine Biobank Management Model and Sustainability

Recordings of these presentations are now available on the ESBB Members website.

Summary of Greiner Bio-One Webinar, 21.09.2017

Topic: "Sample Storage Tubes as Quality-Critical Components in Biobanking"

The following quality criteria were discussed:

• raw material of the tube

• tube closure systems and their suitability for long-term storage

• biomolecule adsorption onto the tube surface

• datamatrix codes for tube identification – their quality features and importance

• quality of the datamatrix barcodes

• guidelines for good practice in Biobanking.

A recording of the webinar is now available on the ESBB Members website.

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Watch Video of East-West Biopharma Webinar, 18.05.2017

Topic: Prospective Collection of Clinical Samples through a Biobanking Network in the Ukraine