ESBB Travel Fellows

Alice Matimba (Zimbabwe)

Travel Fellow in 2012, 2013 & 2015

Dr Alice Matimba is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe and teaches pharmacology and genomics. She received her PhD in human genetics in 2009 from the University of Cape Town and focused on pharmacogenomics of African populations. She did her postdoctoral training at the Mayo Clinic, Minnesota, USA, on functional pharmacogenomics of cancer therapeutics. Her research interests include human genomics, pharmacogenomics, biobanking and ethics. She is currently establishing platforms to explore inter-relational analyses encompassing environment and lifestyle and their role in causing individual variation in disease susceptibility and response to treatment, using genomics, technology and public health tools, to create integrated, local solutions for personalized, preventive and therapeutic interventions. Dr Alice Matimba is currently the Principal Investigator of a Human Heredity and Health in Africa Consortium (H3Africa) ethics grant from the National Institutes of Health (USA), titled “Genomics, Inheritance, Law, Ethics and Society (GILES)” as an intitiative for strengthening capacity for ELSIs of human genomics and bioresources in Zimbabwe. She is also involved in science advocacy and community engagement programs and is a member of various professional networks and societies involved in promoting science and building research and educational capacity in Africa.

Michael Igbe (Nigeria)

Travel Fellow in 2012

Michael is now Programme Officer, Neglected Tropical Diseases Division (Department of Public Health,
Federal Ministry of Health), based in Abuja, Nigeria

Samuel Kyobe (Uganda)

Travel Fellow in 2012 & 2013

Dr Samuel Kyobe MB.ChB, MMed Micro. is now a lecturer in the Department of Medical Microbiology, Makerere University College of Health Sciences in Kampala, Uganda.

Misaki Wayengera (Uganda)

Travel Fellow in 2012

Misaki WAYENGERA MD, MSc., PhD is a Lecturer at Makerere University, In-Charge of the Unit of Genetics & Genomics, and Co-Chair of the Education and Coordinated Training Working Group of the H3Africa Consortium. He is steering committee member and Co-Investigator of the Integrated Biorepository of H3Africa in Uganda (IBRH3AU).

Sadik Ngoa (Kenya)

Travel Fellow in 2012

Sadik Ngoa is a Research Data Platform Specialist at International Rescue Committee and a PhD-Information Systems Research student at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science & Technology-Kenya.

He previously worked as a Biobanking Project Manager for KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Program-Kenya.

Are Khatib (West Bank)

Travel Fellow in 2012

Daima Bukini (Tanzania)

Travel Fellow in 2013 & 2015

Daima Bukini is a PhD student at Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS) in Tanzania. Her PhD research is on ELSI in Genomic research with special interest in Biobanks research in the contexts of SSA. She also work at MUHAS in the bioethics department as assistant lecturer.

Maxim Al-Ashhab (Jordan)

Travel Fellow in 2013

Dr Maxim Al-Ashhab is based at the King Hussein Cancer Centre in Amman, Jordan.

Lwanga Newton Kigingi (Uganda)

Travel Fellow in 2014

Lwanga Newton Kigingi is currently the Data/IT Manager at the Integrated Biorepository of H3Africa Uganda (IBRH3AU), an NIH funded Biorepository in Kampala, Uganda.

Shoni Zwane (South Africa)

Travel Fellow in 2014

Shoni Zwane is working at the Agricultural Research Council (ARC)-Irene, Pretoria, South Africa, as a PhD Student Researcher and a Biobank Coordinator for the ARC Biobank.

Ahmed Samir (Egypt)

Travel Fellow in 2014 & 2015

Dr Ahmed Samir is based at the National Cancer Centre in Cairo, Egypt.

Khitam Hamzeh (Jordan)

Travel Fellow in 2014

Svitlana Rozanova (Ukraine)

Travel Fellow in 2014

Dr Svitlana Rosanova is currently a guest scientist sponsored by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, having started her postdoctoral research at Lübeck University (Sektion für Translationale Chirurgische Onkologie und Biomaterialbanken) in February 2016. She met her host professor (Prof. Jens Habermann) during the 2014 ESBB conference in Leipzig.

Jason Rogena (Kenya)

Travel Fellow in 2015

Jason is a software engineer currently working for He previously worked for the Biorepository at the International Livestock Research Institute in Kenya.

Azza Rhaiem (Tunisia)

Travel Fellow in 2015

Dr Azza Rhaiem has a PhD in Plant Pathology and Population Genetics, a Masters in Plant Pathology and an Engineer Degree in Agronomy. She taught plant pathology, cell biology and animal biology from 2005-2009). She has been working since 2009 as a researcher at the National Gene Bank of Tunisia (Laboratory of Microorganisms) on the main topics of taxonomy of plant pathogenic fungi and Culture Collections.

Henry K. Musinguzi (Uganda)

Travel Fellow in 2015

Henry is currently the manager of the Integrated Biorepository of H3Africa, a repository funded through the H3Africa program.

Travel Fellowships

A total of 23 ESBB travel fellowships have been awarded to biobankers from low and middle income countries in the EMEA region. Each travel fellowship covers the fees for conference registration and social events and where possible, up to 2,000 Euros in additional support to cover travel and accomodation. Sponsors so far include Biobusiness Consulting, Freezerworks, Taylor Wharton, Qiagen, Tissue Solutions, Oxford Radcliffe Biobank and ESBB

2012 Travel Fellows:

  • Michael Igbe – Nigeria
  • Areej Khatib – Israel West Bank
  • Samuel Kyobe – Uganda
  • Alice Matimba – Zimbabwe
  • Sadik Ngoa – Kenja
  • Misaki Wayengera – Uganda

2013 Travel Fellows:

  • Maxim Al-Ashhab – Jordan
  • Daima Bukini – Tanzania
  • Samuel Kyobe – Uganda
  • Alice Matimba – Zimbabwe
  • Azza Rhaiem – Tunisia

2014 Travel Fellows:

  • Khitam Hamzeh – Jordan
  • Kakha Nadiradze – Georgia
  • Lwanga Newton – Uganda
  • Svitlana Rozanova, Ukraine
  • Ahmed Samir – Egypt
  • Shoni Zwane – South Africa

2015 Travel Fellows:

  • Daima Bukini – Tanzania
  • Alice Matimba – Zimbabwe
  • Henry Musinguzi – Uganda
  • Esther Nabanova – Uganda
  • Jason Rogena – Kenya
  • Ahmed Samir – Egypt