Mission & Goals


ESBB’s mission is to advance the field of biobanking in support of research relating to healthcare, agriculture and the environment. The focus is on Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

3D render image of Earth. Europe and Africa. Surface map made with photoshop by hand. (All layers & 3D model created by me, however, to create surface map, NASA image is used JUST AS reference. http://visibleearth.nasa.gov)


  • Goal 1. Identify problems in the biobanking field and provide solutions.
  • Goal 2. Encourage high professional standards in biobanking.
  • Goal 3. Provide high value membership services for key actors in the biobanking field.
  • Goal 4. Encourage participation from a wide range of repositories across the EMEA region.
  • Goal 5. Provide a strong united voice for biobankers in the region, to influence development of their field.
  • Goal 6. Partner with other organizations involved with, or related to biobanking.
  • Goal 7. Encourage and support public-private biobank-related partnerships because of their scientific, medical and commercial importance.
  • Goal 8. Promote stakeholder support for biobanking.


ESBB’s values include:

  • Sharing: Share ideas and resources to promote synergy.
  • Inclusiveness: Include all relevant groups, to maximise the benefits that our society can provide.
  • Teamwork: Ensure harmonisation of biobanking practices and to capitalise on the “power of many”.
  • Democracy: Ensure a sense of fairness and encourage member support.
  • Recognition: Recognise and encourage the work of volunteer members.


ESBB Slide Presentation, 10.11.2016

  • This is a 1.5MB pdf file. To request a high quality Powerpoint version, please contact hewitt.r@esbb.org