BBMRI-ERIC collaboration

The Memorandum of Understanding

Article I, para 1.

This Memorandum  of Understanding  (MoU) is between BBMRI-ERIC  and ESBB. BBMRI-ERIC and ESBB  wish to  form a strategic alliance to  jointly organize  the most important annual biobanking  conference in Europe and to facilitate  collaboration on  activities related to biobanking and  biopreservation of samples  for research and  development. Joint activities will support  the goals of BBMRI-ERIC  and ESBB.  The roles  of BBMRI-ERIC  and ESBB shoutd be equal aiming at  shared responsibilities,  work, risks and benefits.  This MoU  serves as  terms of reference for  collaboration and  does not create  any legally binding  obligation of  the Parties but  contemplates further legally binding agreement(s).

Signature of the MoU

Professors Hans-Peter Deigner and Jan-Eric Litton in London, Nov 2015


Architects of the agreement with BBMRI-ERIC

The roles of Manuel Morente and Pasquale De Blasio are acknowledged

At the closing ceremony of EBW in Vienna, Manuel Morente (former ESBB President) and Pasquale De Blasio (ESBB Founding President) were recognised for their role in initiating the collaboration between ESBB and BBMRI-ERIC at a meeting in Amman, Jordan in April 2014. This led to signature of the 4 year collaboration agreement between the two organisations by Hans-Peter Deigner and Jan-Eric Litton in London last year.