Products & Services

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Applied research


Collection Kits

Consultancy services

Freezers & general equipment

N2 supply

Reagents for processing & analysis

Reagents for stem cell therapy

RFID and related systems

Sample locator services

Sample suppliers

Scanners, labels

Software, databases, LIMS

Storage services

Temperature monitoring

Transport logistics

Tubes, straws, collection kits


Corporate Members of ESBB

Brady labvantage Indivumed135 sol
chart tw235 Askion brooks
lgc cryotherm Technidata Cryopal
Grenier BD Abbot Informatics Thermo
Qiagen TTP Labtech    
noraybio sysmex cryobio modulbio
freezerworks biorep hamilton bst
bsi Cryo Diffusion autoscribe liconic
fluidx trinean cell and co Tutela
CLS elpro    
ISE soventec bk tissue_solutions
biobus ruro BBAS cryoxtract
CSols genomic Excilone Biotillion
EPI krishagni Ziath Ocimium
Micronic THB labmode LVL
CloudLIMS ewbio SINTESY Cryogatt
GenOhm bluechiip astridbio