European and Middle Eastern Society for Biopreservation and Biobanking

ESBB elections are underway!

We need to appoint 5 new members of Council including a new President-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary and 2 Councilors. The deadline for voting is the 6th September. If you are an ESBB member, then you should have received an email inviting you to vote. Contact if you have any questions.

Many Hands Holding the Red Word Elections, Isolated

GBW is Global Biobank Week

GBW keynotes

ESBB Events at GBW on Tuesday 12th September

WG meetings 12th Sept

GBW Discounts for ESBB Members

  • Discount of Registration Fee – up to 160€
  • Discount on Exhibitor Booths – 500€
  • Discount on Major Sponsorships – 500€


Erik Steinfelder appointed as next Director-General of BBMRI-ERIC!

Congratulations to Erik Steinfelder, Past-President of ESBB, who has been appointed as the next Director General of BBMRI-ERIC!


Erik Steinfelder’s vision for the coming years is to “build and strengthen value-added sustainable biobanking for all stakeholders”. His work will focus on developing and marketing a new value proposition and intensifying existing biobank connections. At the same time, he will also place greater emphasis on pharma, clinics, patients and the industry to expand different forms of cooperation. Another focus area will be the importance of biobanking for precision medicine.

For more information, see the full press release on the BBMRI-ERIC website.

Généthon is welcomed as a new member of ESBB

The patient organisation, Généthon, is now a member of ESBB: “Since its creation in 1990, the mission of the Genethon’s DNA and Cell Bank is to promote advances in genetic research by providing the scientific community with a high quality cell and human tissue products resource. Europe’s leading bank for genetic diseases, it serves the whole of the medical and scientific community”. For more info, see:


Video of East West Biopharma Webinar

... an ESBB Corporate Webinar



Website statistics on the 5th May

ESBB website reaches a new record high of 17,425 visits in March – that’s an average of 562 visits per day!

Web Stats 5 May


Recent Developments

We are now reaching a new and exciting stage in the life of our society. Under the leadership of ESBB President, Professor Elke Smits, there have been many recent developments including:

  • Inclusion of  Pharmaceutical, Diagnostics and Biotechnology companies within the Corporate membership category.
  • New membership categories with greatly reduced fees for Patient Organisations and also for Museums, Botanic Gardens and Zoos.
  • Assisted membership scheme for African biobanks.
  • Complimentary membership for Biobanking Masters degree students across Europe.
  • New working groups including the Science and Innovation Working Group.
  • Exciting developments in working groups like ESBBtranslate and Education and Training.
  • Major development of the ESBB website,

Coming soon we have a series of webinars that will be free of charge for ESBB members and we have plans for an ESBB meeting in the summer, which will soon be announced.

Meanwhile, we have been working hard with our partners BBMRI-ERIC and ISBER to plan the Global Biobank Week conference in Stockholm this September. This is a conference you really cannot afford to miss! ESBB members are eligible for major discounts on registration, exhibition and sponsorship.

Links to Working Group Pages

Calling Pharma & Biotech!

Pharma and Biotech companies can now join ESBB as a Corporate Members to participate in our biobanking community. This allows multiple members of your company to have the benefits of ESBB membership, including eligibility to join the dynamic ESBBtranslate working group which brings together ESBB members and pharma/ biotech industry.

Link to ESBBtranslate web page

African organisations involved in biobanking can join ESBB for free

Special offer for 2017

Non-profit African organisations involved in biobanking  are now offered free membership of ESBB (worth 285 Euro) on completion of a 35 question survey at:

This is in line with ESBB’s mission to advance the field of biobanking across Africa.

Upcoming conferences

ESBB will be represented at the following upcoming conferences:

ISBER 2017 Annual Meeting in Toronto, Canada, 9-12 May, 2017

7th Annual Conference: Biobanking 2017 in London, UK, 14th – 15th June, 2017

ASCO 2017 Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL  in early June 2017

3rd African Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases and Biosecurity in Accra, Ghana, 16 – 18 August, 2017

Global Biobank Week, Stockholm, Sweden, 3th – 15th September, 2017.

ETOP Annual Meeting, Zurich, Switzerland, 10th November, 2017.

San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS), San Antonio, TX, 6th – 10th December, 2017


'Masters in Biobanking' Students

ESBB welcomes a total of 48 Masters in Biobanking students as full members of the society! These students are based at the Universities of Lyon, Nice and Graz.MSc Logos


Biocartis: Molecular Diagnostics

ESBB welcomes Biocartis as a new member. Biocartis is an innovative commercial stage molecular diagnostics (MDx) company providing next generation diagnostic solutions aimed at improving clinical practice for the benefit of patients, clinicians, payers and industry.



“How to build a Biobank 2017”

REGISTER NOW for the biobanking course “How to build a Biobank 2017” held at Biobank Graz (AUSTRIA) from November 22-24, 2017. This interactive 3-day-course has been designed for all those who are involved in setting up a new biobank, who look to collaborate with a biobank or research institute, who face the challenges of a growing biobank or who try to overcome the challenges of maintaining a large biobank.

Detailed information can be found at

Hands-on 24

An objective quality assessment tool

As the only proficiency testing tool in the world that is focused on biospecimens, IBBL’s (Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg) programme allows biorepositories, clinical laboratories, research organisations and bioservice providers to assess and compare their performance to that of other expert laboratories from all over the world. REGISTER NOW to find out how good your processing and testing methods are!


A unique biobanking university course

Covering all technical, scientific and legal/ethical aspects of human and environmental biobanking, this intensive three-week seminar provides the theoretical, operational and practical knowledge required to facilitate the activities of existing biobanks and assist in the creation of new ones. It encourages exchange of knowledge and skills across different thematic groups involved in biospecimen conservation, storage, science and research. The next session will start in June 2017. REGISTER NOW!


“MSc in Biobanking” at Graz

REGISTER NOW! … Registration is now open for the distance learning postgraduate course“MSc in Biobanking” in English which starts in October 2017. Detailed information on the university course can be found at:





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